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Jeff McBride

A foremost innovator and among magic’s most exciting performers, Jeff McBride combines mask, martial arts, kabuki theatre, world class sleight of hand, myths & stories from around the world – and more – to create electrifying performances that thrill a wide range of audiences.

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Abigail McBride

Abigail McBride is a musician and artist, based in Las Vegas. She is a highly skilled facilitator of fire-circle technology, and the co-author of Universal Fire Circle Alchemy. Her latest album, Fire of Creation is a collection of her original music that has been inspired by the fire circles.

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Christian Diamond

Christian Diamond “The Gem of Sin City”, best described as elegant and stylish master of ceremonies and entertainer. Adorned in thousands of rhinestones and impeccably dressed, Christian Diamond is a look back to the days and nights of mobster loving, glitter and feathered Las Vegas were famous casinos offered late night cabaret entertainment from some of the worlds finest.

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Tim Wise

Tim Wise is co-host, a regular cast member, and stage manager of the Las Vegas WONDERGROUND Players. He can also be found on the Streets of Las Vegas as “ WISE the GOOD LUCK GENIE of Las Vegas”. See More

Leo Diaz

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Leo Diaz A.k.a DJLD has been part of the entertainment industry for almost 20 years. His extensive amount of study in various forms of martial arts led him to claim the name "Master Diaz."

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Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright is an accomplished performer with over 15 years of experience performing in major cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago. In addition to performing in different venues across the U.S., Jordan has also performed for crowds of people all over Italy, Taiwan, and China.

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Stephanie Castellone

Stephanie Castellone is multi-faceted performer who is also a registered nurse, registered yoga instructor and a certified Theta Energy Healer and Tarot card reader. She has been an acrobat for over 18 years and specializes in contortion and aerial artistry.

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In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist strives to open people’s eyes and prove that "normal" is just the setting on a dryer.

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The Shocker

Combining a pro-wrestling comedy attitude to mind-boggling magic, The Shocker creates a fresh and remarkable show. As the MC for the evening or the featured entertainer, The Shocker will deliver shock and awe everywhere he goes.

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Suzanne Lugano

Working from miniature scales up to 80’ wall murals, and even the human body, Suzanne Lugano uses an expert palette to create playful representations of fantasy.

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Iam Creed

As an all-world magical artist, Iam Creed has studied and engaged various forms of Magic, as his eclectic style has been named: “a global Magic, ever ancient and ever new.” Iam Creed’s Magic has thus become Eternal Magic™.

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Areeya is a unique artist, in the Las Vegas art scene. She is exploring her vision of elemental and mystical art with a tribal feel. Giving birth to a new form of art meditation with the versatile healing capabilities of color therapy.

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New World Rhythmatism

New World Rhythmatism is a method for creating improvisational music and dance. Inspired by the soundscape and energy of all gathered here, Deborah, Abigail, Delphine, Devon, and Megan use their shared movement vocabulary to conjure a unique dance.

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Jungle Josh

JungleJosh, born in NYC, NY, is a variety artist who's disciplines include comedy & magic, stilt-walking, fire-eating, and animal training. Credits include over 60 TV shows(NBC, CBS,HBO, & Comedy Central), Mars Attacks!!, and Austin Powers II. A Las Vegas resident, he can currently be seen daily in front of The Paris Hotel & Casino performing street magic as well as being a part of the stage show- 4 Funny Bastards- A Comedy, Magic, & Latex experience. Josh's favorite drink is Mountain Dew, favorite Beatle is Ringo, and favorite Beetle is Dung.

Anthony Rais

Anthony Rais is a multitalented entertainer. In his unique marionette presentation, Rais shatters the stereotype of kiddie puppet shows, elevating a centuries-old art to new heights. From Las Vegas to Dubai, conventions to galas, he has enchanted and delighted audiences of all ages with his marionette artistry.

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Sheryl Garrett

Sheryl Garrett, whose family joined the MAGIC CASTLE in the 1970s, has been fascinated with magicians since before she could walk (when her father, Marvin Garrett, pulled coins from behind her ears). Having fallen in love with photography at the age of seven, Sheryl's compassion for people and her passion for life give her the ability to bring out the vitality and nuances of each of her subjects.

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Jason Andrews

Jason Andrews is living proof that magic is timeless. His suave appearance, elegant demeanor, and prestidigitation skills are paralleled with those of the vaudeville era yet modernized to compete with the latest technology.

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