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As an all-world magical artist, Iam Creed has studied and engaged various forms of Magic, as his eclectic style has been named: “a global Magic, ever ancient and ever new.” Iam Creed’s Magic has thus become Eternal Magic™.

The mystique has never stopped Creed from bringing his Magic from the stage to the dance floor and everywhere in between. His intense dynamic energy is matched by few and, even when Creed leaves the stage, the audience is sure to treasure an authentic and uniquely magical experience.

Influenced by the work of Sam Sharpe, Robert Neale, Jeff McBride, and a host of magicians through the ages, Creed continues the tradition of magic theory and focuses his philosophy on the nature, structure, and experience of Magic and was recently an invited guest speaker at the Theory & Art of Magic Conference at Muhlenberg College.

Creed possesses a lifetime of experience in Magic, performing for private clients as well as corporations such as the American Cancer Society. Though on every third Thursday of the month, since 2010, Creed can be seen in Las Vegas at McBride’s Wonderground.