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Areeya is a unique artist, in the Las Vegas art scene. She is exploring her vision of elemental and mystical art with a tribal feel. Giving birth to a new form of art meditation with the versatile healing capabilities of color therapy. Areeya was encouraged over the years to explore many creative paths. She has delved into sketching, painting, the sacred art of Hula, ritual theater, and jewelry design.

She is a flautist, but recently found a love for percussion instruments. Areeya combines many of these art forms to create a vibrant and unique expression of contemporary art, focusing on the use of color for wellness. Areeya currently enjoys working in several mediums including: acrylics, color pencils, charcoals, stained glass jewels, Swarovski crystals and mirrors. Whenever possible, she enjoys creating pieces that are tactile as well as visually therapeutic.